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18 Dec

Plan Ahead. Arrive Alive.

T'is the season for get togethers, office parties, and celebrations with family and friends. So... we've all heard it before... don't drink or do drugs and drive. Yet, lot's of people still choose to put everyones lives at risk and get behind the wheel after getting their holiday glow on. 

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07 Nov

Driving is a Privilege

Driving is a Privilege – Don’t Lose It

People often think that driving is a right - but, it's not. There are rules and laws that need to be followed and you must continue to demonstrate your ability to drive safely. High standards are critical in order to keep our streets safe. Driving privileges can be revoked or suspended if proper care is not taken. Here are some examples of rules and regulations for teens and new drivers in the State of Florida:

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06 Oct

Parents; be a good role model

C’mon parents – be a good driving role model.

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29 Aug

Saving For Your First Car

Saving For Your First Car: 

Whether you’re looking to buy a brand new tricked out ride that Xzibit would be jealous of, or a rusted-out beater that you have to kick the rear tire while jiggling the key to start – you’ve got to pay for it somehow.

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25 Jul

Florida's Graduated Drivers Licensing (GDL) system: Restrictions

Florida uses a Graduated Drivers License System (GDL) system. New drivers progress to each stage as they demonstrate responsible driving behavior. 

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17 Jul

Parent - Teen Driving Contract

Driving is a big responsibility and this contract allows parents and teens to clearly define the rules and expectations of having a license. Sign up for TLSAE.

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10 Jul

Parents: What You Need to Know about the TLSAE

Our Florida TLSAE was built by teachers plus your child gets to do the first chapter for free! Interactive florida tlsae course, with unlimited exam attempts. Read More