Top 10 – Most Annoying Driving Habits

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  • Top 10 – Most Annoying Driving Habits
07 Aug

We’re not trying to be a Negative Nancy here… but we appreciate good and safe driving habits and cringe at this all too common list of most annoying driving habits. 

1. No turn signal

Seriously – use your turn signals it’s not that hard. It let’s other drivers know where you’re going so they can react appropriately. 


2. Slow Poke in Left Lane

It’s called the “fast lane” for a reason and should only be used for passing. Once you pass then you need to merge back over to the right lane. Otherwise… you'll get people honking, flashing their lights, or tailgating you until you get out of the way. This increases road rage and is no good for anyone.  

3. Can’t Merge Properly

Stopping in a merge lane is extremely dangerous! You need to adjust your speed to the flow of traffic and safely merge into an opening in a predictable manner. Keep the flow of traffic moving… safely.

4. Can’t Park

What’s up with this… c’mon. For real… the lines are there for a reason. 


5. Tailgating

If you’re driving in the “fast lane” – you should move over. But, if you are driving safely and properly and someone is tailgating you… simply slow down. Don’t slam on your brakes. Tailgaters think they will get to their destination way faster by getting as close to you as possible. 


6. Super Aggressive Driving/Weaving In and Out of Traffic

These people are clearly very important and need to get where they are going fast. The best part is when you see them at the next stop light, after they broke the speed of sound to go around you. Way to go Michael Andretti, you’re super duper fast (and endanger everyone else’s safety - not cool).

7. Passing You and Then Slowing Down

This one is extremely frustrating! It's like you're in a really annoying game of leap frog - but you're on the highway.   

8. Not Understanding a Yield Sign

Prepare to stop and yield the right-of-way to vehicles and pedestrians in, or approaching, the intersection. You only come to a full stop at a yield sign if traffic conditions require it.

9. Unsafe Loads

"Have you ever seen a couch go flying out of the back of a truck?" someone once said to me when they were too lazy to tie it down. This kind of mentality is dangerous. Everything needs to be tied down and secure and the vehicle needs to be able to handle the load properly. The couch went flying out of the back of the truck on the highway, by the way. No one was hurt thankfully (plus he had to buy himself a new couch). 

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 10.24.24 AM.png


This one is a biggie. Texting, applying makeup, reading a book, playing the trumpet - if you're not concentrating on the task at hand, you're endangering yourself and everyone around you. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 10.52.32 AM.png

TLSAE (Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education)

The first step to developing good driving habits and getting your Learner’s Permit in the State of Florida is taking your Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education course (TLSAE course). This course introduces the rules of the road and the effects of drugs and alcohol on the body.