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14 Jun

We Are Lean In Learning - Always be Learning!  

There are countless types of online courses out there on any given subject. Anyone can put anything on the internet, and they do - but Lean In Learning is different. 

Lean In Learning was developed by a team of dedicated educators who are passionate about empowering through knowledge. The team saw a need for online courses that offer an interactive platform, are fun, but most importantly are based on sound education principles.

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What better way to put these principles to work then to ensure our streets are safer and we're raising responsible young drivers. So, without further ado, Lean In Learning is excited to launch their first online course, the Florida TLSAE course and exam.  

TLSAE stands for: Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education and is a mandatory course that new drivers in the State of Florida must take in order to get their learners permit (the course used to be called the D.A.T.A course). It's a 4 hour course that covers important subjects such as: the effects of drugs and alcohol on the body, street signs, and the rules of the road.  

Lean In Learning's TLSAE course has been designed on interactive learning principles and makes learning the material fun. Plus, students can do the course at their own pace – you can login and out as you wish. Once the course has been completed there is an exam – but you can take the test as many times as needed.  Read more about the TLSAE course HERE.

 Key Benefits of Lean In Learning's TLSAE: 

  • Interactive learning – makes the material fun and easier to remember 
  • One price – no hidden fees 
  • Do the course when it's convenient for your schedule - pick up where you left off
  • Automatic completion reporting to the DHSMV 
  • Free / unlimited exam attempts

Plus, you can try the first chapter for free. There is no risk and you don't supply a credit card or pay anything until after you try the course. 

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