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07 Sep

Public Safety: Knowledge is the Key

We've all heard the expression that knowledge is power - and we couldn't agree more. Our main priority at Lean In Learning has always been to ensure that our students are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need. Good learning outcomes start with being engaged with the material. Lean In Learning offers interactive courses to challenge and get students involved. 

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29 Aug

Saving For Your First Car

Saving For Your First Car: 

Whether you’re looking to buy a brand new tricked out ride that Xzibit would be jealous of, or a rusted-out beater that you have to kick the rear tire while jiggling the key to start – you’ve got to pay for it somehow.

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07 Aug

Top 10 – Most Annoying Driving Habits

We’re not trying to be a Negative Nancy here… but we appreciate good and safe driving habits and cringe at this all too common list of most annoying driving habits. 

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31 Jul

Battling Distracted Driving.


We all know that distracted driving due to cellphones is on the rise. Everyone thinks they need to respond to that text right away, or answer an incoming call… but at what cost. The statistics are scary, and we all know how dangerous it is.

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25 Jul

Florida's Graduated Drivers Licensing (GDL) system: Restrictions

Florida uses a Graduated Drivers License System (GDL) system. New drivers progress to each stage as they demonstrate responsible driving behavior. 

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17 Jul

Parent - Teen Driving Contract

Driving is a big responsibility and this contract allows parents and teens to clearly define the rules and expectations of having a license. Sign up for TLSAE.

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10 Jul

Parents: What You Need to Know about the TLSAE

Our Florida TLSAE was built by teachers plus your child gets to do the first chapter for free! Interactive florida tlsae course, with unlimited exam attempts. Read More
26 Jun

How to: Get Your Florida Driver's License

We put together this how-to guide so you know every step in getting your Florida drivers license. The first big step is taking the Florida TLSAE course online. Read More
14 Jun

Why Choose a Course by Lean In Learning?

We are excited, and this is why!

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