About Us

Lean In Learning develops certified education courses by working with industry experts and government regulators to provide enriching online learning experiences. Our system provides an easily accessible online learning and testing platform that increases information retention rates, and provides an easy-to-use method of taking our courses through interactive methods.

The Lean In Learning Advantage

The Lean In Learning Advantage

Lean In Learning believes in customer satisfaction and service. You'll see the difference that makes with our internet-based courses and testing platform:

  • Course material developed by educators
  • All courses are interactive
  • One clear price for the course & exam - No surprise fees or extra charges
  • Students can complete the courses at their own pace
  • We work with Governments and regulators to ensure our courses are industry certified
  • Course material is fun!
  • You'll complete the material faster than you expected!

Our Partner: Solutions Thru Software (STS)

Solutions Thru SoftwareSolutions Thru SoftwareSolutions Thru Software

Strong learning programs are natural partners to the suite of testing services that STS provides. Combining Lean In Learning's teaching philosophy and education background, with STS' robust online testing platforms and experience – it provides clients with an easy to use, and engaging learning experience. Together, Lean In Learning and STS will prepare our students for success, and ensure that they possess the knowledge they need.

Solutions Thru Software (STS) has continually offered automated testing solutions to motor vehicle agencies for over 20 years – longer then any other company in the industry. STS has an incredible reputation for providing easy-to-use, feature rich software with unparalleled performance and reliability. From driver skill testing platforms (RoadScholar), to DMV scheduling software (Scheduler), to driver's license testing platforms (Examiner), to remote testing solutions (WebTest) - STS has developed and deployed, industry leading learning and testing tools.

Interesting facts about STS:

  • Delivers driver's license testing systems in 25 jurisdictions across North America.
  • Millions of tests administered every year throughout North America.
  • Administer over 4000 tests daily through Examiner in the state of Florida alone.
  • The state of Delaware, STS' First customer, is still a customer after 20 years.
  • Selected by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) to design a complex program that enables all jurisdictions to conduct a nationally standardized commercial motor vehicle test.
  • The only company that has been validated by AAMVA and FMCSA for the production of federally certified CDL exams in the United States.

For more information on Solutions Thru Software, please visit: www.solutionsthrusoftware.com