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Students today expect interactive learning experiences that engage on many levels. Boring courses requiring lots of reading don't make the grade.

For this reason, Lean In Learning was developed by a team of educators who saw a need for the development of engaging and interactive online courses and testing solutions – based on proven and modern teaching methods.

Our courses are developed using the 'Lean In Learning' philosophy where an interactive approach is paramount to successfully presenting material in an engaging and effective manner. Our teaching techniques incorporate interactive components to keep students engaged, support strong learning outcomes, and ultimately achieve positive test results. 

1 Course We're starting with the TLSAE, but more courses are on the way!
1000+ Hours We have hundreds of hours in creating our courses. We know they are the best!
3 Educators We have 3 educators guiding our course creation process.

We're making a Difference

Our Commitment to You
Lean in Learning is committed to providing the best online education and testing platforms. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are equipped with the knowledge they need. That’s why our learning expertise is your opportunity to build a strong link between information, testing, and practical application of knowledge – no matter what industry you’re in.
The Lean In Learning Difference
Our team of educators works with our clients in order to develop on-point and engaging course material. Once the course material has been developed, our design team goes to work ‘interactifying’ the information so it’s fun and engaging. Video, animations, audio, and click-and-go are some of the techniques used to make sure our courses are compelling and your students retain the information.
Give us a Chance
Our courses are interactive and engaging, and we want you to try the first Chapter of each Course to experience the difference yourself.

Message from our Lead Educator

I thrive on exploring the ways and means of developing enhanced teaching practices, shaping and adapting to change, and creating learning environments that support and foster both student and teacher success.

Cal Hauserman 
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